Working visit of the Zheleznogorsk Cluster Secretariat to Rhone Alpes region

The Zheleznogorsk Cluster Secretariat paid a working visit to Rhone Alpes region on 5-10 December 2013.

The Secretariat had two days of business meetings with leading clusters and competitiveness centers of the region.

ERAI (Enterprise Rhone-Alpes International) is the Rhone-Alpes region’s economic development agency for international development. ERAI supports the strategy for French companies’ entry into international markets, searches for direct partners, provides support to enterprises opening branches abroad, attracts investors to the region and lobbies for the region’s interests in both domestic and international markets

Rhone Alpes Region international development agency is the second largest in France. The region includes 15 competitiveness clusters and 13 poles. The main task of the agency is to provide interactive communication between the clusters and to create specialized infrastructure for growing new businesses.

CETIM (Center for Technology and Innovation Management) is a research center focused on mechanical industry. The center supports competitiveness and high level of technical and technological development of enterprises. The CETIM’s mission is to connect innovations generated by companies with innovations generated by universities (academic innovations).

Loire department. Work on development of new businesses in the region began 15 years ago, but results have not been seen until recently (delayed effect). A key challenge for the region’s industry is manufacture of products with an innovative component, going beyond the concept of value, towards the concept of competitiveness.

ViaMeca pole of competitiveness represents about 40% of engineering enterprises in France. It was created in 2005 in response to the government’s initiative to stimulate innovative activity of enterprises and increase the number of R & D projects in the country.

The Federation of Engineering Industry (Lyon), its main task is to search for new markets for companies and form the flow of cooperative projects. The Federation forms the innovation process and attempts to enter international markets.

L.I.E.R. — a technology company working in the field of crash-test modeling and computer simulation of emergency situations.

Minalogic pole of competitiveness focuses on micro and nanotechnology, and also on development of specialized software.