Working visit of the Zheleznogorsk Cluster delegation to Finnish clusters

On November 6–8 2013 the Foundation “Center for Strategic Research “North-West” conducted a business tour to the innovation structure facilities in Finland for the delegation of the Zheleznogorsk Innovation Technology Cluster

The starting point of the business program was the city of Tampere and its University of Applied Sciences (Tampere University of Applied Sciences). Hanna-Greta Puurtinen , Head of International Partnerships , familiarized the visitors with infrastructure facilities of the University and briefed them on its organization and projects. The delegation members visited the metal- engineering cluster (Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster) and Harri Kulmala , Managing Director, familiarized them with its operation. They also visited the regional intelligent machines cluster (Intelligent Machines Cluster of Tampere) and Jukka Matikainen , Managing Director of “New Factory” and Director of the Innovations Department of the Hermia Group of innovation companies, told the visitors about the cluster.

In Helsinki, the delegates were invited to the main office of FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd, Managing Director.Ari Kolehmainen told them about the consortium. Participants of the meeting discussed Smart Grid projects and were given presentations of construction and real estate development companies, involved in creation and management of modern living spaces. Pekka Helina, Vice President of YIT company, concluded the meeting with his presentation.
Business trip also included visits to innovation infrastructure facilities in the metropolitan area: “Living Business” projects for creation of modern living spaces, “Arabianranta — Kumpula” project, “Kalasatama — Jatkasaari”, “Kaapelitehdas”.

The last day of the business trip began with the meeting in the Ministry of Economy and Employment of Finland moderated by Ulla Palander, Head of Innovation Development . After that the delegation members returned to the FCG office for meetings with officials involved in the innovative development projects. Among those who gave presentations to the representatives of Russian clusters were Tuve Hagmana, Executive Director of “Culminatum Innovation”, the innovation development agency in the metropolitan region, and Program Director of the “Living business” Finnish national cluster.

The business trip provided opportunities to exchange experiences with Finnish modern engineering experts, managers of innovative infrastructure facilities and projects for creation of modern living spaces; to find new partners for further internationalization of the activities of Russian innovation clusters and mutual cooperation.