About cluster

ZATO (Closed Administrative Territorial Unit) Zheleznogorsk (formerly known as Krasnoyarsk-26)is a unique city, originally established to accommodate high-tech industries. Zheleznogorsk is an effective innovation territory within the framework of the “old” industrial model. The necessity to speed up technological development of Russia dictates the need for new forms of spatial and economic organization of innovative enterprises. In order to take advantage of opportunities in changing markets it is necessary to modernize the “old” technology centers in accordance with modern requirements for innovative areas. At present, the territorial cluster model becomes the dominant model, and the competition between territories for human and financial resources goes in this format.

ZATO Zheleznogorsk Innovation Technology Cluster was established on August 19, 2011. The cores of the cluster are two city-forming enterprises — FSUE “Mining and Chemical Plant” and JSC “Information satellite Systems Reshetnev Company”, which will form around themselves cluster cooperation zones (suppliers, spin-offs, partners), universities as centers of research module, and innovative institutions and infrastructures.

Zheleznogorsk cluster is among the pilot innovative regional clusters to receive subsides from the federal budget (in accordance with the RF Government Decree № 188 of March 6, 2013).

The main objective of the cluster:

To create innovative territory, capable of strengthening the “cores” of the cluster, contributing to their development and global competitiveness, and create innovative businesses around the Zheleznogorsk cluster “cores”.

Cluster functions aimed at achieving the main objective

  • To contribute to the growth of efficiency and technological competitiveness of the cluster enterprises , to contribute to optimization of production chains.
  • Human resource development and motivation
  • Significant expansion and development of the research component of the cluster by promoting cooperation of cluster enterprises with universities , and also within the framework of technology platforms and in partnership with development institutions .
  • To ensure availability of public and private investment.
  • Promotion, building partnerships networks and ties with global technology clusters and market leaders.