Industrial Park

The program for creation of the Industrial park, which will serve as the main site for implementation of the projects of the innovation technology cluster, has been implemented in the ZATO Zheleznogorsk since 2012. The project envisages construction of production and technical facilities with a total area of 96,000 sq.meters. The first start-up complex is planned to be launched in 2014. The amount of funding provided from the local budget was 82,4 million in 2014 and 431,2 million in 2013. The total volume of investments is expected to reach 1 billion rubles.

Creation of the industrial park is aimed at:

• Development of the infrastructure to satisfy demand for industrial, administrative and laboratory facilities.
• Provision of services for development and implementation of new products and technologies
• Creation of the new industrial facilities and upgrading of the existing facilities.

ZATO Zheleznogorst Industrial Park has a number of competitive advantages that would allow its residents to significantly improve their competitiveness:

• Availability of qualified human resources in Zheleznogorsk .
• ZATO Zheleznogorsk Industrial Park is the only industrial park in the Krasnoyarsk Territory .
• The Industrial Park will host both manufacturing plants and research companies, in particular, the ISS-Reshetnev engineering center
• The Industrial Park is located on the territory of the ZATO Zheleznogorsk innovation cluster.

A resident of the Industrial Park has the opportunity to join the noncommercial partnership of the cluster and use its services .
• For companies — suppliers and partners ISS-Reshetnev and FSUE MCC companies, location in Zheleznogorsk would reduce transportation costs and provide an inflow of orders .

Industrial Park Presentation

Innovation Center for Youth Creativity

The Innovation Center for Youth Creativity in Zheleznogorsk was launched on 30 November 2013.

Its mission is to facilitate young people’s access to technologies of digital design and modeling. Center’s equipment, including 3D printer, laser, plotter and CNC lathe machine, allows users to design three-dimensional models and create their prototypes. The project was supported by the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Ministry of Investment and Innovation, the total volume of investments amounted to 4 million rubles.