Cluster management bodies

At the present time strategic management is executed by the Board of the Cluster — a collegiate permanent body, which has established for the purpose of organization and controlling of cluster project development.

The Board consists of members of the cluster’s major participating enterprises, public corporation “Rosatom”, federal executive bodies, local authorities of ZATO (Closed Administrative Territorial Unit) Zheleznogorsk, and other organizations associated with the cluster.

The Chairman of the Board — Igor Borovkov, Chief of Staff of the Government Military-Industrial Commission and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Federation Government Executive Office.

Cluster management system after completing of its creation:

Management body


Nonprofit Partnership

1. Cluster Management Company.

2. Providing various types of support for cluster members: financial, advisory, organizational, analytical, PR and GR.

3. Optimization of the interaction between large numbers of partners.

General Assembly of Members

1. The supreme governing body of the nonprofit partnership.

2. Making of main organizational decisions: approval of Chart, appointment of the Director of the Partnership, approval of the annual report.

Board of the Partnership

1. Collegiate governing body of the Partnership.

2. Admission of new cluster members.

3. Approval of strategies and programs of the cluster development.